Noting the need to build products with a distinct identity and character, we create sofas based on your own guidance. Different sizes and methods of manufacture are some of the features that will make your product a unique item,be able to adjust to all attributes of every space. Give us your plan and our design team will create the unique product for your project.



Pastry Shop Project products

Take a look at our latest Pastry Shop project in Bielefeld,Germany designed by Eleni Tsoka Delectus Goldie chairs with oak veneer,leather and Oxbow base were placed in the main pastry shop area. Also,Anatta chairs with 2 fabric colors and Axis metal base were mixed with Goldies for a greater result. And finally,the unique Tsiklioti custom corner sofa with handmade tufting…


Delectus collection Chapter II by Tsiklioti (barstools)

Delectus collection consists of different models, upholstery styles, metal and wooden parts, colors and fabrics. The combination of all these can make thousands of different models due to your project style. Delectus  “Chapter II” is the next chapter of a huge collection. A variety of barstool models, wooden and metal bases, different seam types, colors and fabric qualities can make…