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Delectus collection by Tsiklioti

Delectus collection consists of different models, upholstery styles, metal and wooden parts, colors and fabrics. The combination of all these can make thousands of different models due to your project style. Delectus “Chapter I” is the first of a many chapters that will follow. A variety of chair models, wooden and metal bases, different seam types, colors and fabric… More

Velvet Luxurious Sofa

Selected to equip a club entrance,this custom sofa is more than luxurious… Blue velvet,unique shape and classy design is the features of this tailor made construction. After designing the technical details,the drawing are send to a CNC machine to cut the main shape. In the meanwhile,fabrics are selected and final details, like the silver colour of the base are locked.… More

New Project,Germany

A new project for Mannheim,Germany.Chesterfield  and classic brown velvet,hight-back sofas.Waitting for armchairs and stools to get ready from carpenter section.More photos and information soon… More

Colourful Ethnik Sofa

Custom sofa in ethnik colours and textures.The different backseat shapes and sizes is the best part of this product. More