Delectus collection Chapter I by Tsiklioti (chairs)


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Delectus collection consists of different models, upholstery styles, metal and wooden parts, colors and fabrics.

The combination of all these can make thousands of different models due to your project style.

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Delectus “Chapter I” is the first of a many chapters that will follow. A variety of chair models, wooden and metal bases, different seam types,

colors and fabric qualities can make more than 90.000 combinations.

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Its so easy to create your own,personalized product.Just follow these step by step prosedure and the product is ready for production.


All the collection parts are available in 3D form so the designers can be inspired and create the best combination for each project.

Request you encrypted Tsiklioti cloud drive code and have access to all the collections.


Delectus collection is compartible with official Tsiklioti TOOLBOX!

Due to this connection,you can find all collections materials in real samples on our toolbox.

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Each Tsiklioti product is built by hand in our family workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece. Nothing is mass-produced. In this way ,

we secure our quality and attention to the details. Each piece is a custom product just for your specific order. A unique hand-made masterpiece.



Velvet Luxurious Sofa




Hotel U lobby by Minas Kosmidis architecture in concept