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Welcome to Tsiklioti

Tsiklioti is getting inspired by distinct historical eras and overwhelming elements of nature aiming to create timeless collections that respectfully integrate with fragments of multiple cultures.

Discover our history

The company started as a small family production line, evolving through time to an avant-garde production unit.

The second generation, using the know-how & long term experience inherited, evolved the technical, organizational & design part of the business, in order to proudly include itself among the most exquisite companies of custom made upholstery furniture.

Our brand has been tested over the years to the most demanding projects of eminent architects, getting not only outstanding criticism for the quality, but also awards for the flawless and innovative design of our furniture.

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Handmade in Greece

All products are handmade and constructed under the care of highly experienced craftsmen. We have been in furniture production since 1981 however, we still look upon every new project as unique.

Our design philosophy

Using over 40 years of experience in research and problem solving, we are proud to claim that our production line is able to deliver excellent products with cutting edge techniques under any circumstances.

TSIKLIOTI design team provides 3D representation of every optimized model, presented with your selected fabrics and materials for your approval before manufacturing.

Additionally, the brainstorming, the new collection and the furniture designs are inspired and executed by the brand’s skilled designers.

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