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Tsiklioti People

No good product or service exists without the support of a competent team. 

At TSIKLIOTI, cooperation and respectful teamwork play the most important role and outweigh any other factor.

The people who staff our brand are always happy and willing to carry out even the most demanding missions. They cooperate using an open mind having as sole purpose the fulfillment of the team’s vision.

Emmanouil Tsikliotis


Emmanouil is part of the company’s 2nd generation and is now sitting at the helm of the family business. Having observed the production since his childhood years, he has immersed himself in furniture manufacturing techniques, while at the same time, through his studies and experiences, he has new approaches to the organization and operation of the company, composing TSIKLIOTI’s vision and charting new paths for the company.


Having studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree on Interior Design, alongside General Management, Emmanouil forges the basic design direction (creative directing) at TSIKLIOTI. Inspired by his environment, nature, notable historical events and cultures, he leads the design team creating bespoke products and collections with unique character and personalized aesthetics.

Vasiliki Tsiklioti

Sales Manager

Vasiliki is also part of the company’s 2nd generation. Although she studied civil engineering, her communication skills and powerful character led her to become the head of our customer communication. Being our sales director, her mission is to spread the philosophy of the TSIKLIOTI Company and to present the culture, products and collections of TSIKLIOTI.

Nikolaos Tsikliotis


Having started manufacturing handmade furniture from a very young age in a basement in Thessaloniki in 1981, with his love for upholstery as his only motive, he managed a successful course, the culmination of which was the creation of a modern furniture production unit in 2008. Many years of experience led to the creation of a powerful and valuable know-how in the manufacture of furniture which was passed on to the new generation. This knowledge combined with the ability of Emmanouil and Vasiliki to enrich the already existing production with modern technology and new ideas, brought TSIKLIOTI to the point where it is today.

Ioanna Tsiara


Coming from the field of aesthetic studies and working in sales, Ioanna Tsiara began her occupation in the field of furniture when she met her fiance Nikolaos Tsikliotis. During the upcoming years, they will create a modern furniture production company together always aiming at personalized customer service.

Taking the lead in sales and supporting the company’s efforts at all stages, she has completely familiarized herself with all the manufacturing details, procedures and secrets of the company from the very beginning, and eventually making herself a vault of valuable information.

Currently she serves as a consultant involved with almost every part of the production process, transferring her know-how to the younger generations.

George Andriotis

Product designer

George is a Product designer that has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of “Arts in product and design innovation”. His main goal is to showcase the concept or “story” behind each one of his designs.

One of his key desires is to make people that come across his products experience a short moment of fascination. He strongly believes that a well-designed product should not be overwhelming.

Fani Antoniou

Aesthetics Director / Interior Designer

With an intensive passion for furniture, from Conception to Styling and Construction, and having a lot of experience in High-end Luxury furniture Companies & International Brands, Fani Antoniou started a collaboration with Tsiklioti Individual Designs participating in the rebranding of the company & curating the restyling of the existing Furniture Collections and the Creation of new ones, always aiming in high aesthetics. 

She is also the Creative Director of the 3d Design Interior Scenes introducing the Company’s Products & new Bespoke models in multiple Stylistic Concepts, proposing ideal combinations balanced in harmony with space. 

After a long research in the most updated suppliers of fabrics and manufacturers of metal textures and paints, wood materials and colors, she composed new palettes and moodboards that fit exceptionally with the Company’s Products. She is entirely efficient in creating new Contemporary & Iconic Versions that will inspire Tsiklioti’s clients and enhance the image of the Brand.

Sofia Saratzidou

Sales Assistant Manager

Arts and culture are Sofia’s source of inspiration 

She studied in School of Fine Arts and holds a Master’s Degree in Museology and Cultural Management.She is a professional painter & currently studying Interior Architecture and Design.

As a Sales Manager Assistant in Tsiklioti individual designs , Sofia aims in promoting corporate culture and translating clients’ needs into designer guidelines. 

Her profound comprehension of all technical parameters, helps her understand the peculiar needs of unique products for every project and come back with inventive solutions. 

Lazaros Makisoglou

Production Manager

Originally coming from the field of Economics, Lazaros, in his quest of finding something new and creative, started his journey in furniture manufacturing. In TSIKLIOTI his creativity found nest in being a technician in the field of upholstery. His love of the product and the company itself as well as his leading skills resulted in his position as one of the chiefs in the production process in the company. Being the Head of production, he inspects and complies with all the processes however, he innovates when needed with sole purpose the production of a high quality and customised TSIKLIOTI product.

The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.

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