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Apartment in Ano Poli

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  • Designer by:
    Ioannis Nikolaidis & Domus Ergo
  • Date:
    August 2021

This is a renovation of a 90m², in a building dating back to 1985. Ioannis Nikolaidis & Domus Ergo paying great attention to every detail and combine comfort with aesthetics. They managed to create a warm and welcoming apartment in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Thessaloniki.

Apartment in Ano Poli

When it comes to a couch, comfort is one of the most important features. Of course, you want it to look nice as well and that’s why a leather bespoke sofa by Tsiklioti, is the perfect addition to this living room.

No matter the shade, brown can be sophisticated, chic and fit to any décor style and this project is the greatest proof.

The chairs from Delectus Collection by Tsiklioti, with axis base and exceptional upholstered fabric, fits perfectly in this dining area.

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