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Aquahouse Hotel

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    Varna ,Bulgaria
  • Designer by:
    STARH Architects
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Aqua House, located in Varna Bulgaria, designed by STARH Architects. The hotel lobby and the premium suites, furnished with unique bespoke products by Tsiklioti. Mineral vibes and earth tones instantly highlights the wellness and the vitality of the Hotel.


Aquahouse Hotel

Aqua House Thermal & Beach is the kingdom of water. Unload your fatigue, stress and tension or just have fun at this amazing hotel. With countless opportunities for sport, relaxation and beach activities.

Curves all over the place, flow harmonically with the whole architecture. Oval shapes, like natural stones, point out the earthy and natural environment.

Bespoke crescent sofas, custom made armchairs and ottomans, among with the bar stools from Delectus Collection by Tsiklioti, bond completely perfect with the overall design.

The exceptional suites, furnished with challenging bespoke sofas for maximum comfort and relaxation.

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