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BLG Apartment

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    Thessaloniki ,Greece
  • Designer by:
    Ark 4 Lab of Architecture
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BLG Apartment, a magnificent renovation of a flat located in Aristotelous square, one of the
most important landmarks in Thessaloniki city, is an example of eclectic and contemporary

BLG Apartment

The designs, craftmanship and the materials throughout the project, enhance the
experience of living in this extraordinary apartment while showcasing the best views of the

An array of forms, textures, materials and details compose this very exquisite space.

Grand and eye-catching, the leading piece of the living area, is the bespoke sofa
composition, created by Tsiklioti, a perfect statement piece.

When two different materials combined in this unique way, the result is outstanding. A
velvet upholstered head bed with vertical technique, created by Tsiklioti, combined with
vertical tiles, proves that great aesthetics and exceptional materials can bring any idea to

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