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Derma – Act Clinic

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  • Location:
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Designer by:
    Antigone Karabatzu
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Tsiklioti bespoke curved sofa seamlessly blends modern design with eclectic flair, offering a unique focal point for any office environment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its semi-round silhouette exudes sophistication while providing a cozy and inviting seating arrangement.

Derma – Act Clinic

Whether placed in a corner for intimate conversations or positioned at the center of the room to command attention, this curved sofa elevates the aesthetic appeal of any workspace, transforming it into a dynamic and inspiring environment where innovation flourishes and ideas thrive.

Wrapped in luxurious bouclé fabric, the sofa adds texture and depth to the space, inviting tactile exploration and adding warmth to the overall ambiance. Ensures comfort without compromising style, creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity and creativity.

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