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Gustus restaurant

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  • Designer by:
    Eleni Tsoka & No23 Architectural Design
  • Date:
    August 2021

A new, Mediterranean Restaurant in Nuremberg Germany, designed by Eleni Tsoka & No23 Architectural Design, in a contemporary style approach and reinterpret the warmth of a classic restaurant, but from a brighter and more impressive point of view.

Gustus restaurant

Bespoke sofas all over this project, created by Tsiklioti, are so individual and designed one by one to allow this place to have this unique atmosphere.

This place borrows equal parts of each style, creating a solid connection with the best characteristics. Putting together more than one sitting styles, is one of the best ways to customize a space and reflect a special design.

All the different chairs of this project are from Delectus Collection by Tsiklioti and selected carefully to create this significant décor.

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