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Micro Lab

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  • Location:
    Thessaloniki ,Greece
  • Designer by:
    Ioannis Nikolaidis
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This renovation project by Ioannis Nikolaidis and Domus Ergo, is a Microbiological Laboratory in Evosmos, Thessaloniki. The space consists of two levels and has a total area of 130m2.

Micro Lab

The purpose of the architectural design was the aesthetic and functional upgrade of the premises in
combination with the improvement of the working environment, the integration of new
technologies and the reduction of energy consumption.

The ground floor includes a reception area and a sitting room, a doctor’s office, a preparation room,
two blood collection areas and a WC. The second level includes a living area, a doctor’s office and
utility rooms.

White mosaic, brown leather shades, three-dimensional wall coverings and black elements are the
main materials of the new Microbiological Laboratory in Thessaloniki. The six-meter high black walls
create a strong contrast with the white ceilings and floors, while the glass walls and glass doors open
up the space even more, with the flow of natural light in direct combination with the fixtures.

All materials are connected in a harmonious way. The aim was to create a space that deviates from
the typical synthetic approaches of microbiological laboratories, proposing an alternative approach.

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