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Category: Professional Spaces

Kaizen Campus

Welcome to Kaizen Campus, a pinnacle of modernity and functionality in office design. Crafted to the highest standards, Kaizen Campus stands as a testament to tailored office spaces that seamlessly blend form and function. Each area within the campus is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of Kaizen Gaming’s diverse departments.


GI Clinic

As you step into the GI Clinic, you are greeted by an atmosphere that seamlessly blends professionalism with a calming contemporary chic aesthetic. The carefully curated interior design, featuring a palette of our Prussian blue luxury velvet seating’s, sets the tone for a refined and inviting experience.



Micro Lab

This renovation project by Ioannis Nikolaidis and Domus Ergo, is a Microbiological Laboratory in Evosmos, Thessaloniki. The space consists of two levels and has a total area of 130m2.

Stress Center

Located in the eastern coastline of Thessaloniki, Stress Center designed by Stefanos Skarlakidis, combines a contemporary design approach with elements of nature, with only purpose to contribute to visitor’s calmness.

Endomedica Clinique

In the heart of Thessaloniki, on Tsimiski street, an old 6th floor apartment, transformed by Interior Designer Fani Antoniou, into a special Endocrinology and Diabetology Clinique.

Medical center

The project designed by UBU plan Architects, concerns an allergist’s office in the center of Trikala. Taking into account the special façade of the building, with the large openings and the intense grid, the design focused on the spaces and specifically on the special constructions, which define the use of space.

Lunula Nails salon

An elegant place to feel free and upgrade yourself in the center of Thessaloniki. This nail salon provides a chic environment for mani-pedi, and also offer top of the line services.

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